Blind Cleaning


We can clean any type and size of blind up to 8 feet with our Ultrasonic Blind Cleaner.

Our ultrasonic cleaner, uses ultrasound which utilizes high frequency sound waves that create millions of microscopic bubbles that implode upon contact with water. All those implosions create tiny vibrations which power the blind clean safely, effectively and quickly.

When combined with warm water and a cleaning solution, sonic cleaning easily removes dust, dirt, grime, nicotine, bacteria – you name it! Virtually any type of window treatment can be cleaned with this method: mini-blinds, micro mini-blinds, silhouettes, luminettes, verticals, honeycombs and Roman shades just to name a few.

When considering the enormous investment made in installing expensive window treatments, periodically cleaning the blinds makes sense. It’s much more cost-effective to renew rather than replace your blinds and window treatments. In addition, if you have someone the home or workplace with allergies, asthma or respiratory issues, it’s always best keep the environment as dust-free as possible – and we all know that blinds can contribute greatly to that problem.

We take care of cleaning the blinds from start to finish. We will remove the blinds, clean them, then return and install them in 7 days. We can install temporary blinds in the windows until we return the blinds. There is an additional fee, to install temporary blinds. 



Blind Cleaning in Westerville Ohio