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Additional Services:

We offer many other services that can be added on during your appointment.

Gutter Guard Installation

First, we clean all the debris from your gutter system and make sure it is clog free and draining. Then we will start the install of the gutter guards. These guards are vinyl with a screen mesh as shown in the picture below. They slide under the shingles and securely snap to the lip of the gutter. We will custom fit your gutter system with the gutter guards. No drilling needed.

Ceiling Fan and Light Fixture Cleaning

Items are cleaned in place, using towels and solution. We have a tall ladder to access fixtures that are high up. During the cleaning, the light bulbs can be changed.

Blind Cleaning

Blinds are cleaned by hand at the time of the appointment. We use soft microfiber towels and a solution to remove the dust off. Each slat is wiped individually to ensure the blind is cleaned efficiently. This method cleans wood blinds, but can also be used to clean any other blinds.

  • We recommend that once your blinds have been cleaned, that you maintain them monthly by using a light duster or towel.

Window Screen Repair

Window screen repair is an important part of home maintenance. A torn or weathered screen can be a perfect way for unwanted insects to enter your home. We replace the old screen and spline and can put in many different types of screen material. We take care of the process from start to finish. We pick up the screens, repair the screens, and then reinstall them. This process typically takesĀ 1 week to complete, but we can provide faster service if necessary. Our typical pricing can vary by the type of screen and size of the window.