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Blind Cleaning

Blind Cleaning is a great way to take years of dust and dirt off your blinds. We can clean most types and sizes of blinds. We offer 2 different cleaning methods to clean your blinds.  The cleaning method we use depends on the type of blinds.

Cleaning methods:

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Blinds are taken from your home for 3-4 days, so we can clean them in our ultrasonic blind cleaner. This method uses tiny vibrations to clean all the parts of your blinds. This will clean the strings and inner mechanisms of the blinds. This method deep cleans the blinds and is recommended for faux wood, plastic, or metal blinds. We are unable to clean wood blinds with this method. We can provide up to 4 temporary blinds to put up, while you are without blinds.

Hand Blind Cleaning

Blinds are cleaned by hand at the time of the appointment. We use soft microfiber towels and a solution to remove the dust off. Each slat is wiped individually to ensure the blind is cleaned efficiently. This method cleans wood blinds, but can also be used to clean any other blinds.

  • We recommend that once your blinds have been cleaned, that you maintain them monthly by using a light duster or towel.

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