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Christmas Lights

Bring in the wonderful Christmas season with a beautifulĀ  light display. Each light display varies depending on what you would like. We can offer suggestions, if you are unsure of what you would like. We have done well over 200 light displays since we started this service in 2012. We take care of the installation from start to finish. The installation price includes us installing and purchasing all lights, cords, clips, and other needed items, maintaining the lights through the Christmas season, and then taking down and storing the lights for next season.

We recommend you contact us as early as October to get your estimate and get scheduled for the date you want. You can obtain a free estimate online for basic lighting around theĀ  front of house. If you would like a more complex setup, we would meet in person to give you an estimate. You can call or email us to set that up. 614-915-6425 or

Types of Lights to choose from:

C9 LED lights- Colored, Warm White, Cool White, or Red

C6- LED lights- Colored, Warm White, Cool White, or Red

Mini LED Lights- Colored, Warm White, Cool White, or Red

Icicle LED Lights- Warm White or Cool White

Extras to choose from:

Lighted or non-lighted garland

Lighted or non-Lighted wreaths