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Why Clean your Windows every year?

The obvious reasons are:

  • Better View
  • Heat Efficiency
  • Natural Lighting

Benefits of cleaning windows

Beyond the obvious reasons, the most important reason for glass maintenance is to avoid glass degradation. Glass will over time, become permeated with a variety of contaminants:

  • Hard Minerals (from sprinkler systems and building run-off)
  • Oxidization (from windows encased in metal frames and screens)
  • Acid Rain
  • Over spray (from paint, chalking, mortar and more)

In most cases item #1, Hard Mineral or hard water is the biggest threat to most home owners. The need for basic glass restoration can be avoided with regular cleaning to exterior window glass surfaces.

I recommend no less than two cleanings per year. We offer 2 types of window cleaning.

Overview of Window Cleaning Services

Deluxe Window Cleaning – This includes cleaning the interior/exterior of each window, track, sill, and screen. We will not clean torn or decaying screens and will recommend replacement. This package is intended for deep cleaning. 

Basic Window Cleaning – This includes cleaning the exterior of the window and screen.  This package is for your basic clean up from high pollen or yard work. 

Add-ons Available:

  • Skylights
  • Full Glass Door
  • Simple Light Fixture
  • Complex Light Fixture
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Chandeliers

How will my windows be cleaned?

– We clean the inside of the windows with a cleaning solution, soft scubber, squeegee and a towel.

– The screens will be removed, scrubbed and washed, then dried. If the screens are too weathered or torn, we may wipe them down.

– The exterior windows will be cleaned with a waterfed pole system. This is the best way to get a spot free shine. It has a gentle scrubbing brush to remove dirt, then the dirt is rinsed with pure water and dries spot free.

Cleaning skylights with our waterfed pole system.