Pressure Washing Service


Pressure Washing Service

Pressure washing is your home’s number one weapon against dirt and grime on hard surfaces and siding. K & T’s professional Columbus pressure washing team will give the sides of your home, fences, deck, and driveway a powerful deep clean that only a high-powered pressure wash can offer.

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Why is Pressure Washing Important?

Pressure washing can have many benefits to you and your home, and is an important part of home maintenance to preserve your home’s value and curb appeal.

  • Pressure Washing increases your home’s aesthetic appearance, bringing the new home look back along with a clean feeling. House siding has a newer and brighter appearance after pressure washing.
  • Pressure Washing saves you time, especially when handled by a professional. Compared to regular cleaning methods, using a pressure washing service saves you valuable time and ensures the job is done right.
  • Pressure Washing removes harmful allergens from common surfaces. With the arrival of spring, allergen levels begin to elevate and your home is often coated in green pollen dust. You can reduce the level of allergens in and around their home by pressure washing the exterior surfaces.
  • Pressure washing is the perfect way to prepare surfaces for painting and refinishing. Make sure the first coat sticks with a super clean surface!
  • Quality Pressure Washing prevents permanent damage to your home’s siding and walkways. Winter grime can cause serious damage and stains to your home and exterior surfaces if not properly taken care of and removed in the spring. Letting stain and grime sit on your home or office for very long periods can result in permanent, costly damage.
  • Last but not least, power washing is smart preventative maintenance for all exterior surfaces and can prevent costly repairs to your property, saving you money. Furthermore, power washing is one of the least expensive cleaning tools for large surfaces such as your home’s exterior.

Why K & T’s Pressure Washing Stands Out

Why K & T’s Pressure Washing Stands Out

K & T Window Cleaning has been pressure washing Columbus neighborhoods for over 10 years. Our customers are like family and trust us to deliver the same high quality service we’ve been offering our community for years.

With the K & T crew on the job, your service is completely customized to fit your needs. Whether it’s a few specific jobs, or one of our inclusive bundles, our passion is to see dirty things transformed, bringing back the clean feeling to your home.

How We Pressure Clean Your House and Surfaces

The only reliable way to successfully clean dirty concrete and grimy siding is high-powered pressure washing.

We recommend pressure washing your home exterior at least 1 time per year. We offer pressure washing for your home and other surrounding surfaces at incredible value. In addition to your home’s siding, our service bundles include pressure washing for surfaces like driveways, walkways, decks, fences, and patios. Whatever needs cleaned, we’ve got you covered!

Commercial Grade Equipment

We use a commercial grade pressure washer and attached surface cleaner. We typically use a soft wash and apply a detergent that will brighten your home, kill algae, and remove dirt and mold from the siding. We then gently rinse the surface again to remove remaining dirt.

Extra Care

Our experienced technicians are careful to avoid damaging flower beds and other delicate objects around the home.

Gleaming Hardscapes Await!

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Family Friendly

K&T is a small local business, not a franchise, with a community focus, Christian values, and highly skilled trained technicians.

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What Our Customers Say

With over 100 5-Star reviews on Google, K & T Window Cleaning is the only locally owned company in Westerville with a top rating. See what some of our customers have to say about our work!

I have used K & T Window Cleaning for several years now. They always do an outstanding job. Rob and Christina were amazing, great personalities, prompt, courteous, treated my home with utmost respect and were very detail oriented. When the job is complete I always have the biggest smile on my face because of how great of a job they do. I highly recommend K & T Window Cleaning.

Keli B.

Two people arrived on time and did a terrific job cleaning the windows. One worked inside and one out, and coordinated their work well. I also hired them to clean a very high ceiling fan and change the light bulb. When there was a minor problem, he took extra time to make sure it was working correctly. I hope these two people are still working at K & T the next time my house needs their help.

Donna D.

We were scheduled within a few days of contacting K & T. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Khris showed up on time and our house looks great! There are many ways to contact them and get scheduled. I used the online estimator tool and was all set. We will use them again.

Dara E.

This is a great company that does a superior job. The crew showed up in a company truck with company shirts ready and eager to get the job done. The crew was extremely polite and cleaned our windows like it was their house. Fantastic experience for us, and a great way to support a local business. I would give ten stars if I could.

Reingav C.


Drop us a line or Call (614) 915-6425 to speak to Khris and Tracy.

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