We offer 2 types of window cleaning for homes in the greater Columbus area.

Deluxe Window Cleaning

This includes cleaning the interior/exterior of each window, track, sill, and screen. We will not clean torn or decaying screens and will recommend replacement. This package is intended for deep cleaning.

Basic Window Cleaning

This includes cleaning the exterior of the window and screen. This package is for your basic clean-up from high pollen or yard work and is a great option for regularly scheduled visits from our technicians.

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How We Clean Your Windows

No matter the size of your home or the number of windows, you want shiny, spotless windows that look brand new. That’s how we roll.

Window Washing

We clean the inside of the windows with a cleaning solution, soft scubber, squeegee, and a towel.

Screen Treatment

The screens will be removed, scrubbed and washed, then dried. If the screens are too weathered or torn, we may simply wipe them down.

Waterfed Pole Spray

The exterior windows will be cleaned with a waterfed pole system. This is the best way to get a spot free shine. It has a gentle scrubbing brush to remove dirt, then the dirt is rinsed with pure water and dries spot free.

Why Choose K & T to Clean your Windows?

Why Choose K & T to Clean your Windows?

K & T Window Cleaning has been cleaning windows in Columbus neighborhoods for over 10 years. Our customers are like family and trust us to deliver the same high quality service we’ve been offering our community for years.

With the K & T crew on the job, your service is completely customized to fit your needs. Whether it’s a few specific jobs, or one of our inclusive bundles, our passion is to see dirty things transformed, bringing back the clean feeling to your home.


Let’s be honest. No homeowner likes to clean their windows on a regular basis. In fact, most don’t! It’s time consuming, difficult, and often dangerous to get a streak free shine. That’s why window cleaning is a home care chore that’s best left to a professional team that can take the hassle off your hands.

K & T Window Cleaning is the premier home service and window cleaning company in Columbus, offering unbeatable quality, delightful customer service, and competitive prices. If you’ve been staring at those grimy windows for weeks trying to find the will to scrub them, call K & T. We’ll make them shine again!

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It Pays to Keep Your Windows Clean

Aside from keeping up appearances and cleanliness around the home, maintaining spotless windows on your home or office offers tremendous benefits.

Natural Lighting: With clean windows, your natural light isn’t filtered through excess grime and dust so you get all that glorious morning light and healthy Vitamin D.

Better View: Enjoy the view from your home’s windows without peeking through dirt and debris that’s been building up for months or years. Take in that gorgeous view through clean, streak-free windows.

Energy Efficiency: Natural sunlight is one of the best sources of free heat in your home all winter long. Dirty windows that block sunlight deprive your home of added warmth and increase your heating bill.

Avoid Glass Degradation: One of the more important reasons for consistent window maintenance is to avoid glass degradation. Over time, glass will become permeated with a variety of contaminants:

  • Hard Minerals (from sprinkler systems and building run-off)
  • Oxidization (from windows encased in metal frames and screens)
  • Acid Rain
  • Over spray (from paint, chalking, mortar and more)

In most cases, hard minerals or hard water is the biggest threat to your home’s windows. The need for basic glass restoration can be avoided with regular cleaning to exterior window glass surfaces.

We recommend no less than two window cleanings per year to successfully maintain the glass and light quality.


Family Friendly

K&T is a small local business, not a franchise, with a community focus, Christian values, and highly skilled trained technicians.

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Our passion for excellence in our work, backed by 100+ 5-star reviews, means your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.


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What Our Customers Say

With over 100 5-Star reviews on Google, K & T Window Cleaning is the only locally owned company in Westerville with a top rating. See what some of our customers have to say about our work!

I have used K & T Window Cleaning for several years now. They always do an outstanding job. Rob and Christina were amazing, great personalities, prompt, courteous, treated my home with utmost respect and were very detail oriented. When the job is complete I always have the biggest smile on my face because of how great of a job they do. I highly recommend K & T Window Cleaning.

Keli B.

Two people arrived on time and did a terrific job cleaning the windows. One worked inside and one out, and coordinated their work well. I also hired them to clean a very high ceiling fan and change the light bulb. When there was a minor problem, he took extra time to make sure it was working correctly. I hope these two people are still working at K & T the next time my house needs their help.

Donna D.

We were scheduled within a few days of contacting K & T. They came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Khris showed up on time and our house looks great! There are many ways to contact them and get scheduled. I used the online estimator tool and was all set. We will use them again.

Dara E.

This is a great company that does a superior job. The crew showed up in a company truck with company shirts ready and eager to get the job done. The crew was extremely polite and cleaned our windows like it was their house. Fantastic experience for us, and a great way to support a local business. I would give ten stars if I could.

Reingav C.


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