Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

With summer in full swing, it’s time to get your home ready for the hotter summer months ahead. Given that your home will probably need additional maintenance to keep functioning throughout the summer, starting preparations now can help bring down energy bills, improve the efficiency and life of the components of your home, and increase […]

How Often Should You Clean Your Windows?

There are a number of benefits to keeping your outside windows clean. In this article we will discuss how often you should clean your windows and why it is important.  Residential Windows  For residential homes, window cleaning should be scheduled at least twice a year. If you live on a busy street or a place […]

Why is K&T The Best Option For Pressure Washing?

Many people believe that pressure washing is something they can handle on their own; however you shouldn’t let this  mentality stop you from hiring a professional. Doing something you aren’t experienced in can lead to bigger problems and unwanted bills down the road. Here are some reasons you should leave pressure washing to the professionals […]

How To Power Wash a Deck The Right Way

Most people think that using a pressure washer is straightforward, however a pressure washer can ruin your deck if it’s not used properly. If you aim too close to the wood, you can cause permanent damage. If you don’t get close enough, you won’t remove the grime and will have to do it all over […]

How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?

Power washing your home could seem like overkill if you’re not familiar with the benefits, but in reality, it should be a part of every homeowner’s maintenance routine. Your home’s exterior is exposed to harsh elements all the time. Natural conditions like sun, wind, dirt, ultraviolet rays, insects, birds –  not to mention things like […]

How to Safely Remove Algae From Your Roof

The presence of algae on your roof is both unattractive and costly. If you don’t take action quickly, algae can cause a great deal of damage to your roof and home.  The best way to safely and effectively remove algae from your roof is to hire a professional to perform a roof treatment. While it […]

Benefits of Window Cleaning

After time, water spots, smudges, fingerprints, dust, paint, bird droppings, spider webs, pollen, and other debris can build up on your windows, making them look dull and dirty. Cleaning your windows can make your home more appealing and new. But besides making your space look more beautiful, window cleaning offers other benefits. These are just […]

Adding Curb Appeal: The Ultimate Home Cleaning Checklist

If you’re like most homeowners, each year you compile a spring cleaning list near the end of winter. However, one area that’s often neglected is the outside of our homes. If you’re looking to boost your curb appeal, you can’t let anything slip through the cracks. This year, make sure you take care of the […]

What Am I Seeing On My Siding?

Seeing dirty stains and other residue on the siding of your home is common, especially without routine maintenance. Part of the reason staining is so common on siding is that there are several different types. In this article, we will help you identify the types of stains most commonly found on the side of your […]