How to Prevent Birds from Colliding into your Windows

How to Prevent Birds from Colliding into your Windows

There’s nothing better than a fresh window cleaning to freshen up your home. Especially in the summer, a clean window really helps to maximize the amount of sunlight that is able to enter your home. Another benefit of window washing is boosting the curb appeal. Although there are many pros, anyone who has gotten their windows cleaned before has heard that tragic sound of a bird that may have gotten a little too excited about your brand new shiny windows. Fortunately, we’re able to understand why birds fly into windows and how to prevent it from happening. 

Why Do Birds Fly into Windows?

In general, birds fly into windows because of reflections that cause an optical illusion that eliminates the window from the bird’s vision. In daylight, plants outside of your house can reflect off of your windows, causing birds to treat the windows as vegetation. Additionally, birds may see your indoor plants near your window ledge, discounting the window. Birds, on occasion, may also see their reflection in the window and attack it, perceiving it as a threat. While this isn’t always life threatening to a bird, it still isn’t ideal for your newly washed windows.

Ways to Safeguard your Windows


An easy way to prevent birds from flying into your windows is by placing decals on the outside. These can be fun, especially for the holidays. For the summer, try placing cartoon flower decals on your windows, spaced one foot apart from each other. This will reduce window reflection while still allowing plenty of light into your home.

Zen Curtains

Acopian BirdSavers are a great and easy way to save birds. Not only are these simple string curtains aesthetically pleasing, but they also work. You can purchase a custom set that fits your windows while offering a practical and quaint way to repel birds from your windows.

One-Way Transparent Film

Products like CollidEscape allow for you to see out of your freshly washed windows inside while displaying a pattern for those on the outside of your home. These films not only allow you to still appreciate your windows from the inside, but they additionally can help bring down your cooling costs.


Whichever methods you choose, don’t let birds be the reason to avoid window washing. Visit our website to schedule a window cleaning today!