Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Health Benefits of a Clean Home

You probably have a sense that you should keep your house clean. But does it really matter if you let your home slip into a mess? Actually, yes. There are some scientifically backed health benefits of a clean home. Conversely, letting your home get dirty and/or disorganized can negatively affect your mental and physical well-being. Below are just some of the health benefits of keeping a clean home. 

You’ll Eliminate Some Stress 

Visual clutter leads to mental clutter. You might think you’ve learned to live with your various piles, but they’re most likely affecting you more deeply than you realize. Your stress levels are linked to your space. Tackling those outstanding to-dos and getting your house in order can help you manage stress. And couldn’t we all benefit from meaningful ways to reduce stress in our busy lives? 

You’ll Get Active 

Cleaning gets you moving. Of course, tidying up the house isn’t going to torch as many calories as a full-blown workout, but it’s a lot more physically involved than sitting on the couch. Keeping your house clean means that you’ll get some sort of movement for your body throughout the week. In fact, Health Magazine rounded up 10 different chores you can do that burn 100 calories each.

You’ll Increase Productive

When you have a task you don’t want to start, you often find yourself trying to distract yourself. Disorganization makes it easy to spot something you can use to procrastinate. When everything is in order, on the other hand, your mind finds it easier to get stuff done. Don’t believe that your space directly impacts your productivity? 

You’ll Sleep Better

When your home is clean, you can look around before you go to bed without spotting any should-dos that could keep your gears turning even when you put your head on your pillow. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey that revealed that just making your bed in the morning boosts your chances of getting a good night’s rest by almost 20 percent.


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