Preparing your Backyard for Fall

Preparing your Backyard for Fall

What better way to celebrate the cooler months than with a great outdoor gathering? Fall is the best time to enjoy the outdoors with a warm drink, a bonfire, and the company of friends and family. Get your backyard ready to host the best parties this fall with these easy preparation tips.

Power Washing

Summer in Ohio can be tough and your home’s exterior has undoubtedly taken a beating. You don’t want your guests to see the leftover residue still clinging to your home from summer (or winter!). Wash away the dirt and grime with a thorough home power washing. Touch up the siding, deck, fence, and walkways for a clean and fresh look that will wow your guests.

Tend the Landscape

With the help of the summer rain, your lawn is undoubtedly growing beautifully. Make sure to trim it back to avoid harboring unwanted pests and to make a clear gathering place for your fall parties. Also consider mulching around trees and plant beds to give an added pop of elegance and color to your landscape that will impress your guests. Don’t forget the flowers! Eye-catching colors and unique petal shapes are this season’s best decorations.

Clean Your Furniture

The fact that your outdoor furniture spends all of its time outside exposed to the elements makes it a perfect candidate for regular cleaning. Take out a garden hose and rinse off any pieces of furniture that you plan to use one last time then prep for storage. Getting ready for the season by cleaning your outdoor patio furniture of all the summer pollen is the final touch to preparing your home for family and friends to enjoy. 


With a neat and tidy backyard, you and your loved ones can get back to enjoying the best parts of fall. Call K & T Windows today to schedule your home power washing and let us take one task off your to-do list.