How to Sanitize the Outside of Your Home

Cleaning and repairing the outside of your home is a great way to get outside and enjoy the warm weather after a long, cold winter spent inside. While many of us know how to clean the interior of our homes, you may need some extra guidance when it comes to the exterior. Outdoor areas, like doorways and patios, tend to build up bacteria and other harmful debris. The most effective way to clean that surface is a heavy duty cleaning with a pressure washer. While some people like to do it themselves, the right tools and equipment in the hands of a professional is always a great option. Pressure Cleaning Professionals will be able to thoroughly sanitize your doorways, patio, siding, roof, and all outdoor areas to bring the clean, new look and feel back to your home. 


A pressure washer is an effective way to clean the outside of your home. However, it is important to be careful since the high water pressure can damage wood and other softer materials. Depending on the type of surface and the material it’s made from, pressure can vary widely. Roof shingles are washed at a much lower pressure than concrete. Doing your research is very important so you do not end up damaging your home. 

Done the right way, power washing eliminates living organisms, removes algae, mildew and mold, washes away allergens, dirt and dust, and disinfects all exterior surfaces. If you are unsure of how to properly power wash your home, you should always hire a professional. 

Deck and Patio 

Wood decks take a lot of abuse from the elements, and they need a good cleaning from time to time to look their best. For this, you will need the proper formulated deck cleaner in a pump up sprayer. Next you will use a pressure washer with light pressure so no wood is damaged. Finish off by rinsing, drying and refinishing if needed. We recommend pressure washing your deck once a year to preserve a newer and brighter appearance while preventing damage. 


The best way to keep your home clean and sanitized is to power wash it at least once a year. Although it’s tempting to leave cleaning the outside of your house off of your to-do list, taking the time to give it a thorough scrubbing will boost curb appeal and prevent damage. Power washing is an intense and time-consuming job. While you could take on this task by yourself, hiring a professional pressure washing company is the most effective and safest solution. 


If you want to keep your home clean and sanitary all year long, rely on the experts at       K & T. With over 10 years of quality service, we will be sure to provide excellent results. Visit our website to learn more and book your appointment.