Spring Cleaning Tips for Columbus Homes

While the inside of your home is usually first on your spring cleaning checklist, it is just as important to take care of the exterior of your home. Follow these tips in order to get your home ready for the spring and summer season!

Sweep Your Concrete and Decks

Your patios, driveway, and decks are usually the first thing you see when you step outside, so it’s important to do good spring cleaning in these areas. Sweep all the sticks and debris off your deck to clear space for you, your guests. 

Clean Windows

Dirty and grimy windows from the outside of your home can be an eyesore. There are simple steps to take to instantly add curb appeal to your windows. Some glass-cleaning spray and either a microfiber cloth or a squeegee to get the windows to shine. Doing this from this inside and outside is recommended for the best results. If there are exterior windows that are difficult to reach, hiring a local window cleaning company should do the trick.

Rake Leaves and Tidy Garden

Clear away any dead weeds or leaves from planter boxes and gardening areas and rake up excess leaves in the yard. Next, you can trim and prune trees and shrubs to encourage growth and eliminate an untidy appearance. Take inventory of existing plants and determine what areas of your garden you would like to improve.

Wash Your Exterior and Garage

Power washing your home is the best way to restore its shine. You can simple hose down or power wash your home’s exterior and doors and touch up the paint where needed. If this is new territory for you, we recommend hiring a professional. 

Clean Out Your Gutters

Debris and runoff often fill your gutters as the winter season ends. Be sure to spend extra time inspecting the inside of your gutters and take note of extra clogged areas. If they are clogged, try to remove everything you can as safely as possible. Hiring a gutter cleaning company is always an option if there are many problem areas.

Clean Your Furniture

The fact that your outdoor furniture spends all of its time outside exposed to the elements makes it a perfect candidate for regular cleaning. Take out a garden hose and rinse off any pieces of furniture that you plan to place out on these surfaces. Getting ready for the season by cleaning your outdoor patio furniture is the final touch to preparing your home for family and friends to enjoy. 

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